What sort of creature?


What creature is more naked than most and yet manages to survive?

What creature can sing and whistle and make noises that others understand?

What creature blushes with embarrassment showing emotions to all?

What creature walks on two legs upright and tall?

What creature has hands that can make and feel and weave?

What creature uses tools which are complex and is skilful?

What creature has a brain that is highly developed?

Of course it is man, all versions, colours, creeds, all the same species.


What creature fights its own kind and kills en masse?

What creature destroys its own habitat for greed?

What creature invents and uses weapons that could destroy the world and every creature in it?

What creature develops a spiritual awareness and then uses it to persecute others?

What creature pollutes pristine environments leading to earth’s destruction?

Of course it is man, all versions, colours, creeds, all the same species.


This is my species. I am such a creature and I am capable of doing something,

no matter how small, to make things better. Will you?


Words and photo copyright Englepip©


via Daily Prompt: Creature


11 thoughts on “What sort of creature?

  1. You summed us up very neatly there. We are emotive, unpredictable and selfish, which is what makes us dangerous. I hope (thought I’m not sure) that there are enough unselfish, level-headed, compassionate people to keep the balance.

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