Daily Prompt: Florida shooting


P1070409Did I provoke you to use a gun

In school, just because I was young?

Did you see me along with my mates

When you burst in through the school gates?

Did you think it all was a game

That each one would rise up again

Like they do in the video games?


Maybe you thought this would help

You get back at the staff who tried

To put you on the right track.

Maybe you hated authority figures

Thought you could solve things

With your trigger.

Now look at what you have done

A  community killed with a gun.

But the state says you may have one

It’s your citizen’s right in the law.

But what about innocents like me

A victim you never cared for or saw?

Did you think my life didn’t matter

You just fancied to see some blood spatter.


Should we really all carry a gun

So when we’re drunk, drugged or want to have fun

We can shoot from the hip

Spray bullets from our grip

From a weapon of death

Kill all before?

But the Second Amendment

States freedom, is to live with a gun

Should you want

But I ask you please to consider


If my death was my freedom

The freedom I want.


I have been shocked as have many around the world at the Florida school shooting. 17 lives ended and there is a big call from young people in particular, for a change in the law in the USA  which allows people to own guns. I understand the culture in the USA is very different from in the UK and some people are frightened and feel the gun law cannot be dispensed with – but Australia did it!

The photo is a provocative piece of street art by Bambi, in London, supposedly of the Michael Brown killing in 2014, but I think the picture is relevant here too. It shows an innocent saying don’t shoot. Guns are weapons, whether in the hands of the law or of ordinary people.

I would be interested to know what you think about gun law in general or in your own country.


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Jane Austen


The bronze lady in the hat stands in

Frozen motion at the top of town

Diminutive but stern she looks left

But there are no horses bearing down

Her wonder at the quiet of the street

And the clean appearance of the stone

No mud and straw beneath her feet

Where she is bound in bronze forever.

Jane what have you in your grasp?

Does your book speak of Pride and Prejudice

Or is it Sensibility you clasp

Tight under your arm in the breeze?


This is your local town of Basingstoke

Where you sometimes visited to dance

And met with distinguished country folk

To be seen but also mark their ways

So you could write of insights to the lives

Of all the landed gentry roundabout

Their sons, their daughters and their wives

As though in fiction but so near to truth.

Who’d have thought two centuries later

You would reappear among these streets

A heroine, no female writer greater

And stare at all of us who admire you.

Who knows what observations you are making

Of the people as they talk and walk and pass

Are you creating fiction and note-taking

For a novel that is new but bound in bronze?


In July 2017, a bronze statue of Jane Austen by sculptor Adam Roud, was unveiled in the town square in Basingstoke to mark two hundred years since her death. Jane Austen, lived in Steventon, a village just out of Basingstoke. The sculpture is a beautiful piece and it looks to me as if she is about to cross the road. Of course now the Top of the Town is all pedestrianised. It is off the beaten track of the main shopping centre but the local pub and some of buildings still remain, although the ground level frontages look modern now. But as with so many places in the UK, if you look above these, you can see the architecture of the past.  The church at Steventon is still there, a pretty little place inside and some of the family are buried in the graveyard, however their original house is no longer there. Jane later moved with her family to Chawton and it is there you can visit the museum about her life.

Pride and Prejudice has to be one of my favourite books now, although I did not appreciate it when I had to study it at school. It is so full of biting humour and caricatures of type. As a parson’s daughter, Jane must have met with many different people and her books demonstrate this.

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Daily Prompt: Gabby Young Trio


The Gabby Young Trio at the Midsummer Festival at the Royal Academy of Arts 2014

Surrounded by art

Of the great and good

The musical trio

With instruments stood.

Not the stuck up and haughty

But winsome and naughty

Playing music, rock-folksy with jazz.

The girls  decked with flowers

Their dresses so pretty

A guitarist both

Bearded and tall.

And as they play

With energy boundless

We find ourselves

Tapping away.

Their tunes


Almost hypnotising

We smile as we welcome

This treat.

For this great occasion

Is one huge alloy

Art, sculpture and music


Was there e’r such an evening

Of beauty and laughter

Of dancing and singing

The gallery ringing

To tunes which

Express so much love.

I wrote this poem in celebration of a wonderful evening at The Royal Academy of Art Midsummer Festival in 2014. The exhibition each year, takes work from emerging and established artists and gives them a chance to showcase their work. In 2014 they had a wonderful party for which I won some tickets. It was an very memorable evening and for me this trio was the icing on the cake. I believe Gabby Young went on to form a group Gabby Young and other Animals but I don’t think they are currently performing.

Here is a link to more about the group. Click here.

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Daily Prompt: Captivating

Daily Prompt: River


Photo of Cuckmere Haven

From hill to vale to sea

The water entrances me

Swift spring, deep pools

It runs from village to field

Then suddenly sluggish

It takes a weary turn

And meanders across the land

A silver snake,

Shy of meeting its bigger self.


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