Daily Prompt: White Rose


A winter’s day

And already the sun is low on the horizon

A chill creeps through the air

As the light sinks.

The graveyard settles into shadow

And night.

At my feet lie the dead.

Buried beneath the cold clods

Stones at their heads that read

Of poetic loss and grief at their passing.

“Beloved son”, “Loving mother,”

“Sacred to the memory.”

The once living

Now lie inanimate,

Six feet under.

Waiting: for what?

For eternity, for heaven or for hell?

Certainly, their release from this life passed,

Is there death, new life, resurrection?

For this is a Christian place.

As I turn to go,

I retrieve a discarded rose,

White and innocent in the dewy grass

And I place it on the moss-covered  wall

Between the sacred land and the unconsecrated.

Is it for me to sympathise in death or

To celebrate of the life to come?


We shall all find out in time.


Words and photo copyright to Englepip©

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A crack in the wall


Superficial has so many  applications, from scratches on the car to wounds on a person and even reputations and politics. Take as you will my comment on that word in the poem below: it was inspired by the crack in the wall pictured above.

Superficial  they said

Nothing to worry about

But big enough for the rot to set in

And the mould to flourish

Among the damaged particles.

Superficial maybe

But marred nevertheless:

Opening a pathway to decline

To the rot and challenge

Of degradation and replacement

With a different life form.

Beware superficial

Opening up the pathway

To becoming

Seriously damaging.

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