Writer’s block

How does one deal with a brain that is blank
No interest in anything: dead?
How can one enthuse and react and excite
When the vacancy hangs like a cloud?
How can one exist in a life that seems full
Yet a whirlpool of nothingness looms?
How can one write when one’s mind can’t be found
When the Muse shuts all doors with dull sound?

I’ll sit here awhile and I’ll tap the keyboard
Try to shift torpor from my brain.
I’ll struggle to share the Lethe I feel,
Try to energise life from the depths;
And if even that fails, at least I’ll have tried
For my audience, a verse to provide.

Poem and photo copyright Englepip©

Daily Prompt: Silhouette


Captured on a wall.

Shadows from a winter sun


‘Let me out!’ or,  ‘Let me in!’

‘Can I escape?’ or, ‘Can you?’

Humour or  drama in silhouette?

Capture of light and darkness

Static instant caught.


Photo and words copyright Englepip ©


via Daily Prompt: Silhouette