Daily Prompt: The Beatles


Were they the quartet you waited for

Screamed for and danced for

They certainly were the famous four

In Liverpool town in sixty four.

The rebel Northern group four

Playing In a cellar down a backstreet for

One whole pound more than four

A pound less than a shop girl for

A forty hour week.

But nevertheless they sang,

All four,  a quartet of

Love love me do and

You know I love you

And they really wanted

To hold your hand:

They were a very good band.

And do you want to know a secret?

Then get a ticket to ride

With a paperback writer

And I’ll tell you:

All you need is love.


In Penny Lane there was

A barber shop

Where perhaps they got that

Iconic hair crop?

And when the yellow submarine

Sailed with the walrus

Was it to a Norwegian Wood

Or was it back in the USSR?

And did they twist and shout

In the way they moved

And have a hard day’s night

These famous four?

And will they ever  know

how much we loved them?

They said if you need somebody

They’d be there.

But now it’s too late to call

All four

That was yesterday

So let it be.


Words and photo copyright Englepip©




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The urge to disobey

Picture of Liverpool Library, by Englepip©


Don’t shout!

Keep off the grass!

The park closes at sundown!

Don’t smoke!

Don’t run ! …


Don’t be late!


Therefore,  I’m going to…….

Shout out loud in the library

Til the books cascade to the floor:

Run free cross the lawns round the buildings

and whoop in the air as I pass:

I’ll  dance  in the park in the moonlight

Seek Excalibur deep in the lake:

I’ll smoke Marlboro behind the bike sheds

Blow smoke-rings til my jaw aches:

Then I’ll speed down the polished corridors,

Knocking  on every door,

And oh how I’ll relish their looks

When I slouch in ten minutes late.

The freedom,

Release from oppression

To break all these rules, one day

All punishments will be worth

That urge to disobey.



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