The urge to disobey

Picture of Liverpool Library, by Englepip©


Don’t shout!

Keep off the grass!

The park closes at sundown!

Don’t smoke!

Don’t run ! …


Don’t be late!


Therefore,  I’m going to…….

Shout out loud in the library

Til the books cascade to the floor:

Run free cross the lawns round the buildings

and whoop in the air as I pass:

I’ll  dance  in the park in the moonlight

Seek Excalibur deep in the lake:

I’ll smoke Marlboro behind the bike sheds

Blow smoke-rings til my jaw aches:

Then I’ll speed down the polished corridors,

Knocking  on every door,

And oh how I’ll relish their looks

When I slouch in ten minutes late.

The freedom,

Release from oppression

To break all these rules, one day

All punishments will be worth

That urge to disobey.



via Daily Prompt: Disobey