Daily Prompt: The frozen pond

The pond that once held frogs and water boatmen
Swimming intermittently between the fronds of weed
Allowed dragonflies to dip; hawk-like hunters across the surface
And was the habitat for newts, their long-tails trailing as they swam,
Is now frigid; solid with ice that doesn’t even crack
Beneath the force of a snowball.
Nothing splashes in the deep, dark depths
No heron stands at the edge statuesque and still
Seeking the slightest movement to spear with its beak.
Instead there is a still, glassiness reflecting the blue winter sky
The deer cannot drink; and the ducks can only skate across the surface
For the sub-zero, arctic winds have brought the beast from the east
And we must abide the glacial freeze as bleak winter bites.
Photo and poem copyright Englepip©

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Greetings: Leaping into the future

deer card


Whatever life’s chances have brought us

We must finally leave

Past behind:

Take heart that the future’s

Before us, untouched

Life’s a new path to find.

Pristine,  the new year

Lies awaiting

Like a newborn entering the world.

Take care of your

Future chances

Give thanks for,

And nourish each day.

Happy 2018 to all readers.


Copyright Englepip © poem and photo.



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Daily Prompt: Deer by Coincidence


Was it by coincidence

that as I walked across the field

you popped out of the yellow haze?

Was it meant to be for you to see me and I,  you?

That look of discomfort and yet exquisite interest

Caught my attention

And made me look into those deep, brown eyes

With a new understanding of gentleness.

And when you saw me

Did you know

I held a camera, not a gun?

Did looking into my eyes allow you to

See that not all humans seek blood?

Did a small spark of mutual understanding

Jump  between us,

In that moment,

In that field of yellow?

Was it a coincidence or was it meant to be?


Photo by Englepip©



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