Daily Prompt: The forest at dusk


As the sun dropped from a cold winter sky and the last rays filtered into the forest, the chill turned reds to blues and greens to greys. I caught my breath as  crackling ice crept into the undergrowth and night-time creatures hooted from their nests or tripped from their holes moving into the freezing dusk. I had a vague sense of unease as light turned to dark and I had to remind myself that this was the same world it was minutes before.

And yet I was aware it was not.

Words and photo copyright Englepip©

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Watching for the dawn


Waiting in the darkness

Listening to the shift between

Dark and Light

The silent moments

Before the world changes.


Scanning the horizon

For the gathering greyness

That signals the new day.

The first bird tweets before light

And the fox slinks back to its burrow.


And then there it is

Suddenly above the hillside

A glimmer of dawn.

There is an exhalation of delight

Among us and a relaxation

Of shoulders held tense.

The new day has come

And we can glory and rejoice

In a new light.


Words and photo copyright Englepip©

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The urge to disobey

Picture of Liverpool Library, by Englepip©


Don’t shout!

Keep off the grass!

The park closes at sundown!

Don’t smoke!

Don’t run ! …


Don’t be late!


Therefore,  I’m going to…….

Shout out loud in the library

Til the books cascade to the floor:

Run free cross the lawns round the buildings

and whoop in the air as I pass:

I’ll  dance  in the park in the moonlight

Seek Excalibur deep in the lake:

I’ll smoke Marlboro behind the bike sheds

Blow smoke-rings til my jaw aches:

Then I’ll speed down the polished corridors,

Knocking  on every door,

And oh how I’ll relish their looks

When I slouch in ten minutes late.

The freedom,

Release from oppression

To break all these rules, one day

All punishments will be worth

That urge to disobey.



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