Crepuscular enlightenment




As the day draws to a close

On a day full of stresses

And frustrations,

My mind is in turmoil.

Hard to end the day with such negativity.

But I look through the window

To the darkening sky

And crepuscular rays

Enlighten the darkness

And lead me to know

That there is enlightenment

And tomorrow can be different.


Photo and poem copyright to Englepip ©

via Daily Prompt: Enlighten


Daily Prompt: Glorious

Photo by Englepip© of Ullswater in the Lake District UK showing crepuscular rays.



Following the rain across the hills and lake

The storm clouds break

And glorious rays from above

Shine, shimmering on the surface

Of the lake; crepuscular,

As though God himself

Is blessing his own creation.

We stand in wonder

And marvel at this sight;

Transcendent and sublime.

via Daily Prompt: Glorious