_1500689Waiting at the station for the 9.15

And there’s a hustle and a bustle

And a whistle from afar.

Unawares,  I turn behind

And  I see the black express

Huffing and  a puffing

As it pushes down the line.

A mystery of noises

A character immense

Belting through the station

At enormous speed.

A little bit of history

A huge amount of steam

Heavy locomotive

Fired up like a dream.

And in a flash it’s passing

Carriages astern

The Bournemouth Belle

Has chugged on through

And left us in a whirl.


When this train came through I was totally unprepared, obviously from the number of other people with their cameras at the ready – they weren’t –  but what lovely start to a summer day it was.


via Daily Prompt: Express