Daily Prompt: The Big Band



They said there’d be music

They said there’d be dance

When I looked at the band

I did not think grand.


Tried to make my excuses

To leave the room then

But my hosts stood before me

Said to just wait and see.


As the audience assembled

They started to tune

The cacophony piercing,

Pervading the room


I took a large gulp

Of the drink I was proffered

Tried to settle my nerves

For the sounds to be offered


But when they got started

I was tapping my foot

To the lilt of the music

Pure harmony they put.


Then “New York New York”

Sang out round the room

It wasn’t Old Blue Eyes

But he sang with aplomb.


Another old number

And I was “In the Mood”

As though with Glenn Miller

And now  I was glued.


From loud shrill and brassy

To romantic and soft

The band never faltered

I should not have scoffed.



And I loved all the evening

With these keen amateurs

And I learned to applaud

Not to offer censure.


So if you are invited

To a local venue

Give support open-minded,

Could be the best thing you do!



Amateur music can be just as fine as that of professionals given enthusiasm and talent moulded by a good conductor. I went to a Big Band evening and was really impressed with the band, which performs locally to raise money for charity. This poem and photo seek to express that. I hope you enjoy it and that you too will support local talent rather than just rely on the ‘professionals’ – remember everybody starts somewhere.

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