The Hole in the Wall

As if by a chain to the hole in the wall,
Which sends out a magic juice;
Life-giving oxygen that breathes
Slow breaths
Into me.
Shaking all about.
Life-giving essence;
Keeping me alive.
It would only take a careless welding of
A Nightingale pipe
Put together at speed,
For a burst; a suffocation;
Murder of my COVID fuddled brain.
Count-down from 10 to zero
And life would cease.
Another member of the herd
But this tube
Although imprisonment
Gives life;
Precarious as it may be
It is a chance
To recover to
A future of what?
God alone knows.

But there’s life in the
Old girl yet!


7 thoughts on “The Hole in the Wall

    1. Yes you may have noticed I haven’t contributed for a very long time until quite recently. Not a pleasant experience and I am am still not quite there yet!


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