In praise of donkeys

Four-legged beast of burden
Rough-haired or smooth
Piebald, brown or dun
Long-eared and skinny-tailed
Capturer of our hearts,
Nudging at our pockets
And snuffling for a carrot.
Baring teeth when moody
And singing your own song
Loudly braying and laughing
At the human it does not want to please.
Beast of burden
Reliable until that point
When stubborn will intercedes
And nothing will move him.
Jack the father
Jenny the mother
Led by man for 5000 years
Bearer of Christ and His mother
And a cross to prove it.
And now beach companion
On a summer’s day in Europe
Fun to be with,
Loving, faithful, knowing friend.

Words and photos copyright Englepip©



We two,
Born within an inkling of each other;
We two,
Seeded from one father;
We two,
Sheltered by the warmth of one mother;
We two,
Thinking as one; doing each as the other;
We two,
Together in spirit and mind, forever.

A dull day today but one to visit the park and see the swans. These two acting together like twins or maybe they are a pair for swans mate for life. When one preened the other preened; when one fed so did the other. I have friends who are twins – their thoughts echo each other and their actions are so alike!

Poem and photo copyright Englepip©