A rose by any other name


They call you dog rose,
But could anything
Be more sublime
Than your five pink petals
And your  yellow filaments fine?

Derogatory term for beauty
Here hiding shyly
In the shade of early June.
Dappled light of early summer
But hedges soon to festoon.

They say you will cure
A mad dog’s bite
Your juices potent in the fight
But for me your beauty
Is the simple remedy
That helps heal a heart
Pierced by inconstant love’s dart.

Poem and photo copyright Englepip©


2 thoughts on “A rose by any other name

  1. Petals like pale pink hearts
    Encircling speckled yellow
    Blooming in verdant summer fields
    Greeting the world with a cheerful hello

    If you could rename this flower, would you change it from “dog rose”?

    Also, you have a small typo in stanza 3: “helps heals” instead of “helps heal.”

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    1. A pretty verse, thank you. I would rename the flower – I think dog-rose is inadequate for its beauty but understand where the term comes from, in respect that the Greeks thought it could cure a bite from a mad (rabid) dog. Thank you for pointing out the typo.

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