Twigged — Haiku out of Africa

This Haiku by Haiku out of Africa had particular appeal to me so I have shared it here.

you kept listening ~ to all that I did not say ~ then you understood — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa

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Daily Prompt: Bubble


Air-filled sac blowing in the wind;
Something from almost nothing;
Soap and water bringing rainbow delight.
Magical bubble, fighting the air
Shapeless trying to find globular.
Cause of laughter and joy
A giggle-maker, encouraging the chase
And a huge urge to destroy
To burst the bubble and stand back
In triumph, waiting for the next.
Essence of floating transparency
Dreams in the air floating skyward
Distractor from reality which reawakens
Our childhood innocence and wonder.

Poem and photo copyright Englepip©

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