Watching for the dawn


Waiting in the darkness

Listening to the shift between

Dark and Light

The silent moments

Before the world changes.


Scanning the horizon

For the gathering greyness

That signals the new day.

The first bird tweets before light

And the fox slinks back to its burrow.


And then there it is

Suddenly above the hillside

A glimmer of dawn.

There is an exhalation of delight

Among us and a relaxation

Of shoulders held tense.

The new day has come

And we can glory and rejoice

In a new light.


Words and photo copyright Englepip©

via Daily Prompt: Glimmer


2 thoughts on “Watching for the dawn

  1. Favorite line: “Listening to the shift between / Dark and Light”
    I like that idea, that one may look forward with such anticipation to the dawn, the marking point of the new day, that the movements of the sky seem to make noise.


    1. Thank you. I must admit I don’t see many dawns but when I have it has always seemed like there’s a short pause of nothing before the dawn – a space between two worlds. I’m I managed to convey some sense of that.


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