Daily Prompt: Stormtroopers


_1580289Warriors of destruction 
Galactic Empire soldiers
Darth Vader's ground troops 
Legions of terror.

Swiftly deployed 
To crush opposition
Elite mixed forces, 
Of aliens, humans clones 

Trained to be loyal 
Numbered in white armour
Dangerous to encounter
Against the thinking of the free.

Opposition to the Jedi.
Acting on orders
Without individualism
None of them free.

May we thwart their purpose
Use intellect against them
And let the force be with us
To win; to be free.


There is a currently an exhibition of Star Wars in our local museum. 900 people attended on the opening day and queued from the early morning to get in. I have enjoyed the Star Wars movies though I am not an avid fan. The words above sum up how I have interpreted my impression of the stormtroopers. Please correct me if you think I am wrong. ūüôā

Words and photo copyright Englepip©

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11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Stormtroopers

  1. I agree with your interpretation. Your repetition of “free” at the end of the last two stanzas – first referring to the stormtroopers’ lack of freedom and second to the Jedis’ striving for it – make me wonder about what went through the minds of the stormtroopers as they carried out the Empire’s orders. Did they have a sense that they lacked freedom? Were they truly, as you surmised, “[w]ithout individualism”?


    1. Fictional of course but I don’t think Stormtroopers have choices that is why in the last couple of films it is astonishing that Finn escapes. As for freedom thinking about it more do the Jedi have freedom? Possibly no one does but they are depicted as the goodies who think for themselves.


      1. Ah, good points. It’s an interesting thought that those who fight for freedom of the galaxy may themselves not be free. Bound by the Jedi Code, it is a rather restricted, albeit noble, life.


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