Daily Prompt: It came from the east


It came from the East: this huge raging beast

Shrieking through crevices of rock.

It whipped up huge  waves

In mountains and swirls.

Crashed into the coast and the caves.

It churned  the sea bed;

Tore the beach to a shred

Gathering shingle and stones

It  spit back.

It shattered the cliffs

And gnawed at the shore

Receding …….

Then breaking once more

Rhythmically pounding

The surf ever sounding

A barrage penetrating

Your core.

Poem and photo copyright to Englepip©


via Daily Prompt: Churn


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It came from the east

  1. I could feel the intensity of the wave approaching and crashing as the poem progressed. This is one of the poems that you read and think, “I wish I had written that.” I look forward to the warmer weather of spring and summer, when I can visit the beach and watch the ocean in all of its chaos and strength.

    By the way, do you intentionally include spaces between each line? If you wanted a single space between the lines in a stanza, you can hold SHIFT while pressing ENTER to move to the next line without creating WordPress’s regular paragraph space.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Thank you for your compliment and for the advice. I will maybe try it. I’m afraid I’m more interested in just getting it down than in the way my page looks but that is good advice.Thanks.


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