Bin Day sunset


Bin day tomorrow and people have put out their bins as the sun sinks at the top of the road. An early morning collection means they don’t have to get up with the dawn! But actually an urban scene like this has its own charms I think.


Photo copyright to Englepip©


Rise and Set photo challenge


13 thoughts on “Bin Day sunset

      1. We do (even cougars and plenty of deer) and a multitude of racoons. We live on a dead end street almost a culdesac and there’s plenty of activity here, which surprises me but the deer eating in the yard is delightful.


      2. We have some birdlife
        in my street but lots of cats however I am fortunate that I can often see deer within a ten minute drive and foxes and hares too sometimes. We did have a hedgehog at one time. May be he will reappear in the summer.


      3. No actually. They are sadly in huge decline.That’s probably why people post pictures if they have one. They used to be a common sight but estimated 30 million in the 1950s now probably only 1·5million total!!!


  1. The angle at which you caught this photo, with the orange of the sky and the rising sun that frames the bins and the silhouettes of the trees, makes the scene look so much more wild than urban reality. On second thought, perhaps that interpretation is true in some respects. The city can be a wild place…


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