Daily Prompt: Love scaffold


My consciousness – invisible

My mind – invisible

My love – invisible

As are yours to me.

And yet our whole

Is and will be,

Until  time ends.

And although we cannot see it

We are like scaffolding,

For where we link in love

We hold each others’ heart.

I to you am like a soldered joint

That builds a whole.

And  linked we make chain mail.

Invincible, invisibly together.


Poem and photo copyright Englepip©


via Daily Prompt: Invisible


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Love scaffold

  1. Wow. Every poem you post gives me new food for thought and/or imagery to ponder. I love the relation of love to scaffolding and chain mail, overlapping and linking.

    I’m curious: What is your writing habit? Do you write a poem or two daily, or just when they strike you? I enjoy writing poetry as well, and inspiration usually hits me after reading a book or inventing stories with my sister.

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    1. Hi Abigail, as I say in my blog introduction my photography seeds thoughts and vice versa. However it usually takes the Daily Prompt to get my writing and only when I feel I have time. Thank you.

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