When your life has fallen to pieces

And you don’t know where to turn

When you seem to have lost the momentum

And can’t tell where to go

When you feel all alone among strangers

And cannot find a friend

You’re like an engine

That needs an overhaul

A bike locked up by its wheel

A bus that’s devoid of passengers


Don’t give up, in time you can heal.


But reject thoughts that turn you inwards

Care for others before yourself

Move towards the helpless and hapless

Help them find new channels to cope

And soon you’ll be aware and realise

Your own vehicle’s about to restart!


There are a lot of people who suffer from clinical depression and believe me I do not dismiss this illness – it is real.  But for most people, short term set-back strikes us all at certain times of our lives and we can feel very depressed. For this, I believe time will heal. However I also believe there is a point when dwelling on our own problems becomes a heavy burden and that by looking beyond ourselves we can make a difference to others and that by helping them we promote  and speed up our own healing too,  so we can restart our own living.

via Daily Prompt: Restart


5 thoughts on “Vehicles

  1. I agree. One of the benefits of helping others, is concentrating on our own ills. It does make the burden easier, whatever it may be. No, there is nothing worse than dealing with depression and other issues, but it is definitely an avenue that takes you away and out of the situation at hand.


    1. Yes.and when you look beyond yourself it can bring gratitude from others,which makes you feel good and take you ‘out of yourself’ which stops you feeling sorry for yourself and can give life New meaning. Thank you for reading and commenting. Happy blogging.


  2. I’ve heard time and time again that service to others helps us find our joy. Studies have found that witnessing good result from one’s actions releases hormones like endorphin that boost mood. As my mom likes to tell my little brothers, helping “makes you happy in your heart!”


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