Daily Prompt: At the Waterhole


They congregate at the waterhole

The young; the old; the grey; the brown

Each overcoming their fears

To slake their thirst in a dry land.

Warily they move forward,

The pressure from the one behind

Urging them forward into vulnerability

Afraid to miss their place in the line

To be overtaken by the lesser

In the pecking order.

Still they move forward

Treading carefully where they can

Listening for something not quite right

For the bark of warning and the grunt

Of the elders, pushing them forward

Into the mud, where hooves will be sucked down

Sucked into the swamp

That surrounds the waterhole

Sucked and stuck so that the lions will

Be bound to have a meal.

Luckily today there is no kill

Luckily today lions already had their fill

Luckily today they lived all day.

But what about tomorrow?


Words and photo copyright Englepip©


via Daily Prompt: Congregate


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: At the Waterhole

    1. Thanks for querying the line. I suppose I was trying to point out the precariousness of the?ir existence. Very few animals die of old age rather the day comes when it will be inevitable that they are fodder for a predator.

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      1. This is true for my chooks. There is always someone who wants a quick and easy meal, be it a snake, quoll or even the neighbours dogs, there is always someone who is fodder for someone else, people included


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