Daily Prompt: Twenty pence short




“I insist,” she said. “Take it.”

And I’m looking through my purse

The coins should be there

Were they hidden, or worse?

As pennies are proffered

I say,  “No,” then hesitate

I promised to buy this,

Later may be too late.

I accept her kind offer

For the sake of the friend

Who asked me to purchase

Before the weekend.

I blush to the very roots of my hair

Say, “Thank you”  take the money

And smile at those who stare

At the woman who found herself no change to spare.

But the kindness of  strangers

Is real and true.

Nothing to gain

Except thanks from you.

But that one  act of kindness

Has a ripple effect

For goodwill can flourish

If we it, redirect

If we help out each other

Then we can show

What one did for one

We can do for another.

Pass on the goodwill.

The poem arose from an occasion when I was asked by a friend, who was feeling under the weather, to purchase something at the local store and take it round before the weekend. I thought I would get my daily exercise by walking round there, thinking I had cash in my purse. I had forgotten to take my card and when I got to the till, found I was twenty pence short. A perfect stranger in the line behind gave me the twenty pence. It was an embarrassing moment as I was holding up the queue and because I accepted charity but I shall never forget that generosity which meant I didn’t have to walk all the way home and back again!

Words and photo copyright Englepip©

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