Daily Prompt: Green saintliness

via Daily Prompt: SaintlyP1070159

It’s great to:

Love animals

Save dogs from the pound

Eat vegetarian or vegan

Stop the hunting hound.

Follow Green politics

Use renewables  too

Have a small carbon footprint

Save our planet, blue

Look at David Attenborough

His passion for our earth

Saving all creatures

Almost from his birth


But there was one more Saintly

With Godly intent

St Frances of Assisi

Is of course the one I meant.

But let’s not leave it to the saintly

The famous or the smart

In caring for our planet

Let’s all do our part.


Poem and photo copyright Englepip©

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Green saintliness

    1. If only everyone just recycled their plastic bottles everyday it would be a start. The last episode of Blue Planet from David Attenborough is to be about the effect we are having on our planet – hopefully because it is David Attenborough people will listen and some will act.

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