Greetings: Leaping into the future

deer card


Whatever life’s chances have brought us

We must finally leave

Past behind:

Take heart that the future’s

Before us, untouched

Life’s a new path to find.

Pristine,  the new year

Lies awaiting

Like a newborn entering the world.

Take care of your

Future chances

Give thanks for,

And nourish each day.

Happy 2018 to all readers.


Copyright Englepip © poem and photo.



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Daily Prompt: The Kraal


It was a meagre existence

Hand to mouth

And using every gift God gave and more.

The hens scratched around the kraal

For insects and grass seeds

That had blown in on the wind;

The pigs snuffled through the undergrowth

Nosing out the roots of the dry grasses

And wandering off into the bush

For better feeding.

The earth-built huts baked hard in the sun

And the tin roof cracked and creaked in the heat

Warping out of shape and

Letting in a whisper of air

To the baking heat below.

During the day, a board sufficed

To shut out the animals

But of an evening everything was opened.

The voices of adults and children rang out

Across the hillside

The fires were lit and cooking begun;

Water fetched in the plastic buckets

And the plants tended in the dying light.

For that is when,

In the coolness of the evening,

The kraal comes to life

When there is laughter and love

And bellies filled with a meagre

Helping of phutu with amasi

And maybe pumpkin.

And that is when

The meagre existence of  things

Can be a trial.

But only look up at the mountains

As night falls

And as the sun goes down,

At the stars sparkling in the heavens

Listen to

The companionship and song

Of family:

And sometimes just sometimes

The freedom of existence

In such a place

Makes up for meagre portions.

Poem and photo copyright Englepip©

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Daily Prompt: Green saintliness

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It’s great to:

Love animals

Save dogs from the pound

Eat vegetarian or vegan

Stop the hunting hound.

Follow Green politics

Use renewables  too

Have a small carbon footprint

Save our planet, blue

Look at David Attenborough

His passion for our earth

Saving all creatures

Almost from his birth


But there was one more Saintly

With Godly intent

St Frances of Assisi

Is of course the one I meant.

But let’s not leave it to the saintly

The famous or the smart

In caring for our planet

Let’s all do our part.


Poem and photo copyright Englepip©

Only you


Only you can bring that sparkle to my life

That wholeness and completeness

That is a rainbow feeling

Tingling from my nose to my toes.

Only you shed light upon the dark corners

Which no one but you understands

Only you give me warmth and serenity

And confidence to face the world with calm.

Only you – yes only you.


Poem and photo copyright Englepip©



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Daily Prompt: Help the elephants



Would you put me in a zoo

Because you think it’s safer

Or for your entertainment

‘Cos I’m cute?

Would you hem me in with fences?

Take horizons from my eyes

And the freedom that

Your species seems to prize?

No let me take my chances

Feel the wind upon my hide

Give me the dignity

To roam in landscapes vast.

But if you want to help me

Keep your poachers in control

Put them behind the bars

You would put me.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting a game park and seeing the wonderful wildlife in Africa in its natural habitat. The vastness of the landscape in Africa is awesome. To take wild animals for zoos or pets, is terrible and when you have seen the hugeness of the landscapes they are supposed to inhabit it seems immensely cruel. Some argue that zoos are there to protect wildlife but it is the habitat loss and poaching we should be tackling to a much greater degree in my opinion. You may be interested to read what is happening in East Africa.


Poem and photo copyright Englepip©


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