In the Wild


Photography by Englepip ©

In the wild there is uncertainty,

Every sense alert

To the slightest sound and vibration

within the landscape.

Eyes must observe the smallest movement

And brushing against the webs

Should alert us to unseen threats.

Heightened awareness offers

Intensity of emotion

Appreciation of the glory

Of creation and a sense of awe;

A revelling in the untamed nature of our surroundings.

But what should happen if we tame our environs

Will the tension and the pleasure

Still exist?

Will that tingling freedom and energy


That exciting mystery of difference

become a deference

To our culture; our  way; the norm?

I’m for the untamed; the WILD!


via Daily Prompt: Tame

A crack in the wall


Superficial has so many  applications, from scratches on the car to wounds on a person and even reputations and politics. Take as you will my comment on that word in the poem below: it was inspired by the crack in the wall pictured above.

Superficial  they said

Nothing to worry about

But big enough for the rot to set in

And the mould to flourish

Among the damaged particles.

Superficial maybe

But marred nevertheless:

Opening a pathway to decline

To the rot and challenge

Of degradation and replacement

With a different life form.

Beware superficial

Opening up the pathway

To becoming

Seriously damaging.

via Daily Prompt: Superficial


Photo by Englepip of the Jazz collection at the American Museum near Bath, UK©



The skirts lifted, the chests flattened

What was happening all over?

But bands swaying, dancers swivelling

That’s the way it was going.

Rhythms changing, the  steps crazy

Bodies flirting and dancing dirty

Flapper dancing was all the fashion

Back then.



via Daily Prompt: Fashionable