Daily Prompt: You would think there were giant skulls


Photo by Englepip©

You would think there were giant skulls

Awkwardly rising from the grassy edges of the field,

Combatants of Saxon times,

Reawakened by the late summer sun,

Reviving  to drink  afresh the air

Of  evening on the chalk Downland and

To  march again along the dusty ancient droves

To battle.

But if they are skulls, they are marred,

By scars cut deep into flesh and bone

Sores of ancient battle

As  warrior hacked warrior to the death.

But reality is equal to imagination

Both Exceptional

And the Giant Puffballs are a marvel of nature

Huge and resounding to the thrumming

Of your hand, like ancient drums

Yet also so delicious and nutritious  that

Even the snails have eaten through the flesh

and the deer  nibbled to the innards

Of this exceptional, gigantic, gastronomic delight.


via Daily Prompt: Exceptional


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: You would think there were giant skulls

      1. I didn’t try it myself but I understand I should have picked these and eaten them as they are in prime condition. Apparently if they turn at all brown inside they are not good and on dissecting them there should be solid firm flesh. They must also be large like this or there is a danger you may pick a poisonous type which has some gills on the inside..

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    1. Thank you. The mushrooms are Puffball mushrooms and as you can see in the photo are HUGE. When I saw them across a field when I was out on a walk they looked like skulls popping out of the ground. The area they are in is on ancient chalk Downland and they were the inspiration for the poem.


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