First thoughts

Today is a rainy day. It is a day of new beginnings, dampened down by the rain, so that the atmosphere is subdued.  Children starting school should be running with anticipation along paths to seats of learning; but the weather hangs like a damp cloth and the misery is palpable in those whose anticipation is anxious.

The sky is still darkened by heavy clouds despite the early dawn and as one bank of wetness disappears another draws in. Playtime will be wet and indoor and the teachers’ tempers will be short. Not a good day to begin the treadmill.

Yet each will find the strength of character to make this day as much a success as they can. The smell of new shoes and uniform mixed with newly polished corridors and brand new pencils will bring a mounting excitement which everyone hopes will overcome the lethargy of the weather. Perhaps it will be advantageous to experience this low cloud and low mood after all – perhaps no one will get over-excited and lose control?

Today is my new beginning too and along with the children who attend the local school, I shall endeavour to make the most of it – to make a fresh start and enjoy new things – this blog for one. The air will clear, the gloom will go and we shall welcome the freshness of new delights but it will have to be tomorrow.

Welcome to my thoughts.

Photography by Englepip Copyright ©