Time flies


Sometimes things just get in the way

Too much to do and too  much to say.

Sometimes  busyness takes us over,

Hard to live, when jobs spillover.

Sometimes those we love get ignored

They take up time we cannot afford.

Sometimes time just runs away

And it’s gone before the end of the day.

And if you think I’m just being witty

Wasting your time with a rhyme or a ditty

Then consider the following if you can

What’s the purpose of every (wo)man

If we can’t laugh, love, lead a life that’s true

Cos we’re making  excuses that our time flew,

Telling each other there’s no time for you.

Then who are we really and do we deserve

To even exist  on this wonderful earth?

So take a moment, a minute, or even an hour

To balance your life and take back the power:

To make your life calmer, even serene:

To begin to remember who you’ve been

Before things took over and time became mean.

Then life will improve and you will feel new;

Take time to consider how time plays with you.


Photo by Englepip©


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Daily Prompt: Deer by Coincidence


Was it by coincidence

that as I walked across the field

you popped out of the yellow haze?

Was it meant to be for you to see me and I,  you?

That look of discomfort and yet exquisite interest

Caught my attention

And made me look into those deep, brown eyes

With a new understanding of gentleness.

And when you saw me

Did you know

I held a camera, not a gun?

Did looking into my eyes allow you to

See that not all humans seek blood?

Did a small spark of mutual understanding

Jump  between us,

In that moment,

In that field of yellow?

Was it a coincidence or was it meant to be?


Photo by Englepip©



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Daily Prompt: The focused butterfly

Original photograph by Englepip© 


Sometimes my attention wanders

And I look out of the window

And daydream

Of the summer sun and butterflies.

They, like my mind, go wandering,

Fluttering from leaf to flower

Or word to thought

From sky to plant,

Or dream to reality.

And this brings me back to

Focus on the very thing

Which sent me rambling in the first place:

The butterfly.

And as I watch its solid concentration and focus

On the things that really matter,

I realise I have too much,

Too much irrelevance in my life;

But if I focus

And make the most of every moment

Like the butterfly,

Seeking only the best for my mind, my body

My spirit and my heart

I will too will find happiness

And focus.


Worth a thought?


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Daily Prompt: A mythical

Digital Artwork by Englepip©


Let me tell you a story.

In a time before Time there was everything but it was  tiny and dense and so condensed it could not breathe. It was so  lonely and desolate that in the denseness and vacuity of such barrenness, in order to escape the silence and suffering; the torment and darkness and the heart-ache of being unable to touch and feel, that in its anger, it exploded with rage.

Such an explosion in the heat of fury was never experienced both ever and never again.

And the fierceness of what could have been destruction spread in  an instant,  a ferocious furnace of passion reaching out into the nothingness that lay beyond. Bursting into the darkness it brought light, light which swirled in a cloud of gas which burned with the brightness and intensity we call stars.

And the nothingness became  a canopy of tinkling specks as though a black velvet cloak was speckled with diamonds,

And the brightness of the stars could not be ignored and some grew and some died and some expanded and some shrank back into nothingness and some are yet to be born.

And each starsun gathered around it a comforting blanket, a soup of creation, a cloud of gas and from that gas came dust that pervaded every space that was Space in that spiral or galaxy. And each star in its creation reached out and began to gather the gas into dust and populate the nothingness with balls of planets which would dance to their tune and run rings around them just as all children do to their parents. And as they twisted and turned  from light to shade so there was darkness and night and light and day.

And of the suns, there was just one  that shone with particular kindness and  harboured the light of creation, which gathered a wondrous swirl of ether and dust around it.  And in that  dust there emerged  one particular blue orb hanging in the unseen attraction of its orbit; a blue planet, where the gases modified together to form air, where the dust became land and the hydration of its rocks formed water.

Then without hesitation there came life. At first  in the depths of the darkest ocean trenches and bubbling on the surface in the air until it swam in shoals across the seas, hiding in the corals, leaping from the waters in the air and to land, where it ran riot in the ferns and flew through the air and ran across the surface on four and then two legs and became ……man. 

And when you look up at the stars tonight or shade your eyes as you look to the sun, remember how you came to be; how many millennia have passed since your beginning and how you are but a speck  in an eternity which has passed from darkness into light and from nothingness into being and from stark loneliness and isolation to the vividness of colour sound and feeling that is our world. Treasure that creation and fear not that you have the privilege, when the time comes, to return to what you once were. “Dust to dust.” For out of that dust came everything.

This story is copyright to Englepip. It is not intended to be scientific and neither is it intended as religious in content, but just a myth or story which came to me in response to the Daily Prompt and the following extract from Wikipedia.

The various planets are thought to have formed from the solar nebula, the disc-shaped cloud of gas and dust left over from the Sun’s formation. The currently accepted method by which the planets formed is accretion, in which the planets began as dust grains in orbit around the central protostar.    (Wikipedia)

I hope you like it.

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One Leaf falling

Photography by Englepip©


One leaf falling

Down through the bright blue sky

Tinged with amber and Autumn golds

Just one leaf falling.

Colours of the refiner’s fire

Rising, falling and twisting

Into a fickle wind blowing,

Only one leaf falling.


Losing hold on what held life together

Surrendering to uncertain times.

But only one leaf falling: for now.


But if one leaf falls after another

Losing grip on the life-giving tree

To face the full harshness of winter

Will they lose the good

To fall free?

Or will they just follow unthinking

Like sheep who know not what to do?

Or is falling always a part of

What happens to find what is true,

So it can rise up in the future

Like a phoenix  from  ashes to skies?

Just one leaf falling:

But where will it land?


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Daily Prompt: Glorious

Photo by Englepip© of Ullswater in the Lake District UK showing crepuscular rays.



Following the rain across the hills and lake

The storm clouds break

And glorious rays from above

Shine, shimmering on the surface

Of the lake; crepuscular,

As though God himself

Is blessing his own creation.

We stand in wonder

And marvel at this sight;

Transcendent and sublime.

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Hamlet recreated

Photo of King John’s Castle Odiham, Hampshire UK, by Englepip©


For those who are unfamiliar, Hamlet, by Shakespeare, is the tragic tale of a Prince of Denmark who, after seeing his father’s ghost, realises that his father was murdered by his uncle, who has since married his mother. He wrestles with the idea of revenge, with the mortality of man and the idea of killing a monarch, whom the Elizabethans saw as God’s representative on earth. Two of the most famous lines are ‘To be or not to be” and “The rest is silence,” both of which I have incorporated into this poem. It is a harrowing play and the part of Hamlet is extremely tense – a thought to which I have tried to draw attention here.

There is a scene on the ramparts of the castle thus the shot above.


The stage is set, the lights are up 

And as you move to centre stage

The world looks upon you.

“To be, or not to be” is no longer 

A question. You are here.

And as you move through the blocks

And  speak out your lines

Contorting your face

In response to the moment

You are for that time

A tragedy recreated,

executing the murders

Experiencing the tortured passions

Of a demented Prince.

And when you lie in the arms of Horatio

A little of you dies with the Prince:

For to recreate the passion,

The betrayal, the enigma, that is Hamlet

Marks you forever….. 

“The rest is silence”.


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Daily Prompt: Imagine eating lemons


©Lemons Photo by Englepip_1520419

A sour,  bitter taste that wells up sharply

under your tongue and leaves you salivating,

Enough to make your eyes water.

But citrus cool in a coke or G&T

Cartwheels of tartness dropped in.

Lemon sorbet, sweet but refreshing

Cleaning the palette of unwanted taste.

Yet a juice, enhancing flavour,

Acid tangy extra, piquant with fish.

Zest adding texture and  sharpness to sweetness

In lemon drizzle cake; scrumptious.

Sharp tanginess in morning tea;

a yellow, lemon-fresh scent.

A  flavorful fruit; awaiting your passion.




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Photographic images by Englepip Copyright ©

At first the Autumn creeps almost unseen

As leaves become duller, a little less green

Then suddenly out of the sky come the winds

First breezy, then blowy and then in a spin

That whirls and screeches and roars through the night

Bringing rain pellets from a huge height

‘Til, like stones, they drop on the waning flowers

And tumble the blossoms down with their might.


But the sun comes out and all is fair

Yet there’s a new coolness in the air.


Next the leaves change to a beautiful hue

Traffic light colours in the park to view

The squirrels run jumping canopy high

Gathering nuts – they know winter is nigh,

While down on the ground the hedgehogs are seeking

A  sheltered bed for their long, winter sleeping.


And then we awake to the first full frost

The puddles are glassy, the flowers are lost.


And overnight the trees are made bare

The ground like a stone  and the daylight has gone

The temperature plummets to minus figures

And  the full force of Arctic winds is bitter

For Autumn has ended, and winter has hit us.





Penchant for?

Photography by Englepip©


In Winter, I have a penchant for ..

Log fires and mulled wine

Snow boarding or skis

For warm scarves and mittens

And a good book to be read.


Come Spring, my penchant changes

to be out in the wild

to watch the winter  frosts melt

And see the newborn lambs.



Then comes  the oppressive heat of Summer

And my penchant is …

for  a seat in the deepest shade

with a cool lemonade

A good book  to read… but no moving.


Come the Fall, I’m out again

And my penchant is ….

For colour and for leaves,

I can kick, leaves I can crunch

Nature’s work of art.


But the constant penchant,

The consistent penchant,

The one dependable and true

Is the penchant I share with YOU!

Well  … that’s my pen chant for today.



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